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Helping Veterans Come Home

iStock_000020861033_MediumThat’s the mission of Delaware’s Interfaith Veterans’ Workgroup.  Some vets come home easily. They pick up where they left off, or they start a new career.  But some have a much harder time. The stress of living in a theater of war leaves wounds, some to the body, some to the mind, and some to the soul.

The vets in IVW know from their own experience that spiritual resources help one recover from deep wounds.  That’s why we identify ourselves as an interfaith workgroup.  At a time when war is being waged under the banner of one religious group or another, we of IVW work deliberately across faith lines to bring healing and wholeness to vets and their families.  We invite you to read our Vets News page to keep up with progress in our state and helpful examples of best practices elsewhere.

If you’d like to join our workgroup, or just send some helpful info for this website, please use the Contact page.